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What is Furzedown Youth Centre?


FYC was established in 2003 by local people who saw that there was nowhere for young people in Furzedown to meet safely with their friends. It was set up and is supported by four local churches.

We welcomes all young people regardless of race, gender, culture, sexuality or religion. 


FYC is a safe and secure place where young people can develop socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We provide fun activities that aim to challenge and encourage young people but our priority is to always make sure there is time to talk with young people, listening to what’s happening in their lives and supporting them in whatever way we can.

"I started off thinking that I could do something in my area, that it would be fun and something to do. I didn't realise how much the young people would look up to me and recognise me from living round here. I have learn't a lot about being a role model and how I have to act like one at FYC and outside as well. I feel more confident, and more hopeful"


- Young Person

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