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word on the street


St Paul's Church & Furzedown Rec

Word on the Street is all about supporting Six Form students who are out and about in our local area. Over the past three weeks we have spoken to over 300 students. We've handed out free hot and cold drinks and listened to students share their own stories from when they attended youth club at FYC.

One student said: "I remember Steve, he was great! He helped me complete my Duke Of Edinburgh (DofE) Award by letting me volunteer and lead activities for young children. I really enjoyed it. it was a lot of fun and I would recommend others do it."

Every Tuesday we run a Youth Cafe at St Paul's Church for Sixth Formers. When it is hot, we hand out free water and when it becomes too cold to be outside, we will turning the church into a cafe, where students can relax, study or simply hangout with thier friends and enjoy some free soup!

Many students are looking forward to using St Paul's Church as a safe, warm space to hang out with thier freinds during the winter. 

fyc annual report 2019 -2020

Our latest FYC Annual Report is now available to read


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